Ad Hoc night system is a tailor-made wardrobe and walk-in closet system which allows  everyone to be free to design his own individual space, creating around an intimate and elegant surrounding. Every single detail is customizable.

Ad Hoc night system is designed to the millimeter according the available space; height, width and depth are flexible.

Doors are tailored in such a way to avoid unaesthetic lateral fillers and to create a balanced and harmonious space.

Attention to detail keeps on going inside the wardrobe which can be finished with many types of woods.

The beauty of this natural material is enhanced by a warm lighting and the combination of other natural materials such as plain leather, glass and metal. Thanks to technical research hardware is really least.

A variety of customized equipment “dresses” the inner part of the wardrobe and the drawers matching and enriching the finishes of the main structure.

Ad Hoc night system, Starset’s good solution.