“Per aspera ad astra”
(through hardships to the stars).
Cicero, Roman philosopher

Starset commenced its journey in 2018, when four friends from different backgrounds, yet with a common passion for Italian design, decided to give life to their vision and dream, combining their technical knowledge, their craftsmanship and sensibility. 
The same drive and spirit are shared with their team of expert professionals, characterized by a dynamic and flexible approach. Founders and team are fully dedicated to supporting Customers. 

Starset is a boutique brand aiming to combine beauty and functionality – as it were, pleasure and duty. 
Its collection is minimalist and very comfortable, meant to suit any type of harmonious contemporary living and designed to last and evolve alongside the changes in lifestyle and context. 

Further to this, Starset cooperates with high-end partners and offers customized solutions that balance functionality and elegance. Its network of top artisans as well as its collaboration with international designers and architects guarantee tailor-made solutions, personalized details and excellent quality.